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Much more than just space for those who love cuisine.

A masterly union of innovation and tradition, designed as a starting point for travel into the Italian world of food and wine offering different duration and depth: A broad range of experiences configured according to one’s own desires, devoted to the discovery of the essence of Italian flavours.

The headquarters of Il Palato Italiano, located in Bolzano, in northern Italy, also acts as a privileged interlocutor towards the rest of the world, thanks to digital infrastructures that are capable of sharing and passing on cultural and educational information to all the advocates of Il Palato Italiano in the world.

The bright and elegant dining room with twelve place settings: a large glass window on one side lets in natural light from the outside while, on the other side, an exclusive view of the Chef’s master kitchen allows participants to observe every stage of preparation for a most complete experience.

The hall consists of eight fully equipped professional kitchen bases/posts, developed to host the best group lessons under the wise and watchful direction of the staff. As for the kitchen, it is even more technological.

Two meeting rooms equipped with advanced systems to hold captivating and real time conferences, meetings and immersive seminars, with the possibility of managing and broadcasting contents through media streaming.

Food and wine will be on the scene in the snug multimedia arena: interactive displays, video walls and sound management systems, for perfect enjoyment of all media, make it the ideal setting for meetings, cultural events and expos, for large audiences as well.

Equipped with broadcasting systems, capable of providing a direct, immediate and highly immersive comparison, the building is designed to interact with structures in every country, making cooking classes with chefs, meetings and workshops with Italian food and wine experts and producers easily accessible, and having the same intensity as a live event.

Technology is at the service of haute cuisine as the unquestioned leader of the great building: from the fully equipped garde-mangèr to the cellar, with over 400 labels, from the multimedia space for wine degustation, cultural events and exhibitions up to the room reserved for dedicated lunches and dinners overlooking the executive chef’s kitchen.

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