1.1 This Privacy Policy regulates all privacy issues concerning the use of website (in the following, the Website).

1.2 The owner of the Website is Enterprise S.r.l. with registered office in Piazza della Mostra n.2, Bolzano Italy, VAT n. 01568510984.

1.3 The hereby Privacy Policy is meant to inform all users and consumers of the Website on how their Personal Data will be collected, processed, to whom they will be disclosed, how they are protected and how the user/consumer may amend access and amend his/her own information.

1.4 The hereby Privacy Policy is compliant with the Directive 95/46/CE and with the Recommendation n.2/2001 regarding the minimum requirements for collecting personal data online in the European Union.


2.1 All the information collected during the registration to the Website is collected and processed by Enterprise S.r.l. and/or by Enterprise S.r.l. affiliated companies.

2.2 All the information collected during the registration to the Website may be accessed and processed only by Enterprise S.r.l. authorized employees and/or by authorized employees of an Enterprise S.r.l. affiliated company and/or by any individual that may be involved in the processing related to the activities that may be performed on the Website.

2.3 The collected data will not be transmitted nor transferred to third parties.


3.1 All the information collected during the registration on the Website is stored at the Enterprise S.r.l. offices and it is accessible only by Enterprise S.r.l. authorized employees and/or authorized employees of an Enterprise S.r.l. affiliated company and/or by appointed individuals during occasional technical maintenance events and/or by any individual that may be involved in the processing relating to the activities that may be performed on the Website.


4.1 When registering on the Website, Enterprise S.r.l. collects and stores information such as: your name, address, age, e-mail, order details, username and password and all other optional information you may provide us during registration.

4.2 Some information may be stored automatically when navigating on the Website (see “Cookies”). Such information includes IP addresses used to connect your PC to the Internet, login information, purchase history, products or services you have viewed on the Website and similar.


5.1 The data collected during the registration are collected and processed to fulfill functionalities and services offered through the Website.

5.2 The data are collected mainly for communicating with you regarding the orders you place.

5.3 The data are collected to enable Enterprise S.r.l. to provide you with the services you request on the Website.

5.4 We may also collect your data in order to provide you a personalized and user-friendly experience on the Website.

5.5 When consent is granted during the registration, data is collected in order for Enterprise S.r.l. to notify you by e-mail of any possible offer, special event, promotion, initiative such as events, exhibitions and fairs organized by the Enterpise S.r.l.. Furthermore, data are collected also to enable Enterpise S.r.l. to send you newsletter e-mails, if you consent to do so during the registration.

5.6 Data collected during the registration may be used to send you marketing e-mails only if you give your optional consent (OPT-IN form) to receive these kind of e-mails.

5.7 Data are collected by Enterprise S.r.l. through electronic and automated systems, accordingly to procedures and logics which comply with the data processing purposes as specified herein. Personal data of user are processed according to applicable privacy laws, including security and confidentiality issues, and are kept only for the time strictly functional to achieve the specific data processing purpose from time to time pursued and according to applicable laws.


6.1 Enterpise S.r.l. commits to comply with security provisions set forth by applicable laws in order to prevent loss and destruction, even accidental, of data, unauthorized access to data, unlawful or unfair use of data. Moreover, information systems and software programs are configured so that personal and identification data are used only when necessary to achieve the specific processing purpose in a specific moment.

6.2 Enterprise S.r.l. uses an advanced security procedure in order to protect your data against any of the above depicted risks. Transmission of all data through the Internet is performed by means of techniques such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.


7.1.Cookies are used only to transmit to the Website the necessary information for the Website to fulfill its functionalities.

7.2 The cookies that may be used on the Website are cookies regarding tracking of the users/consumers on the Website so to provide them full access to the Website while logged in with their credentials. Such cookies memorize information on the user/consumer only for the time of a single session on the Website, hence in order to provide secure and efficient navigation on the Website.


8.1 You are always entitled at any moment to enforce the rights as provided by applicable privacy law, including but not limited to the right to obtain at any moment confirmation that your personal data exist or do not exist, verify their content, origin and accuracy, ask for their integration, updating, amendment and cancellation.

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